About Golden Milano

Leading the way in Jewlery.

Golden Milano is a family-owned and operated Jewelry store founded in 1998 by two hard working and dedicated brothers, Joseph and Benny. Joseph and Benny began their journey as jewelers in their initial business; "Milano and Son", where for over 15 years we have striven to create an environment in which every customer feels valued, appreciated, and acknowledged because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Golden Milano's philosophy is to create a modern and relaxing atmosphere with a quality selection of fine jewelry and customer service to match. Golden Milano's focus has always been on providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewelry customers who seek excellent value in fine jewelry. For this reason, GM's designs and provides much of its jewelry to meet its customers' tastes and expectations for quality and style. We specialize in loose diamond; including GIA, EGL (we beat or meet anybody's prices). Golden Milano also specializes in fine diamond jewelry and timepieces. We personally guide our customers through the important task of choosing the right piece to fit their unique needs whether it be a loose stone, a finished jewelry, or a timepiece. In addition to diamond fashion jewelry, GM offers gold charms, chains, earrings, crosses and an extensive wedding jewelry selection allowing the jeweler to offer its customers a wide variety of merchandise at a range. .

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee


I have now known Joseph from Milano & Son Jewelry for several years. I have purchased many pieces of Jewelry and have worked with Joseph on custom designed jewelry. The quality and workmanship of every purchased item has always exceeded my expectations. Joseph and his staff have shown themselves to be dependable and extremely trust worthy. I am now a loyal customer and proudly wear all my beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have full confidence in recommending Joseph to all of my friends and family.

Amy S.

My wife and I are true and loyal customers to Joseph from Milano & Son. Time is never an issue with Joseph as he works with you to be satisfied with your purchase. I trust Joseph and know that my friends and family will be treated as I.

Jay S.

Joe of Milano and sons is an amazing jeweler. Not many jewelers would take the time out of busy day to repair a watch band where the link was not the right size yet he performed his magic and made the link fit. Anyone who needs a repair of their jewelry, I highly recommend this wonderful man. While he was repairing the watch band, I did browse his showcase of amazing jewelry. What beautiful pieces. The diamonds sparkled to no end. They were brighter than the stars in the night sky. Please visit Milano and sons in the tricounty shopping center and you won't be disappointed. Remember that christmas is right around the corner to give your loved one a beautiful piece of jewelry. Milano and sons is the best place you want to be.